Saturday, April 2, 2011

The unknown lies beyond the horizon.

If the unknown lies beyond the horizon, then, obviously, in order to find the unknown, we must leave the peaceful valley, and travel to the harsh mountain tops.... and beyond.

Life is like that. If you just sit and wait, you're not going to learn very much. But, if you go out, take the adventure by the tail, and climb the next peak, then the unknown will come to you.

So, go out and take that bull by the horns.
Go out and wrestle that bear.
Go out and climb that mountain.
Go out and enjoy life.

Warning: The writer is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by following any advice given.


  1. Hi! Nice blog! I became a follower. :D I like this post - very true.

  2. I thought I already commented on this.
    Oh, well. :D
    Gideon, wrestling bears is a bad idea.
    Analogy-wise, though, I like. ;)